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Supply Change

Climate commitments and renewable energy progress by consumer electronics brands and their top suppliers.

Big tech brands are still relying on fossil fuels

Despite big words about sustainability at home, global tech brands like Microsoft and Google are still reliant on fossil fuels to make their products. We analyzed ten of the biggest global brands and 14 of their top suppliers to get a real picture of how clean your favorite devices are. We found that while brands might be cleaning up their act at home, nine out of ten aren’t doing enough to promote renewable energy in their supply chains, and their products are still made from dirty fossil power.

Ranking Brands and Suppliers

Which brand is doing the most to clean up its supply chain, and which supplier is making progress to reduce emissions?

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Learn more about how brands and suppliers are acting to phase out fossil fuels and increase renewable energy capacity in their supply chains.

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Tech companies need to do more

Brands must commit to 100% renewable energy by 2030 to support their Asian suppliers to build a clean energy transition.