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Practice what you preach: Open Letter to Lululemon

As yoga teachers and practitioners concerned with the health of the planet, climate and human communities, we ask lululemon to publicly commit to phase out coal and switch to 100% renewable energy for its supply chain by 2030.

To Glenn K. Murphy, Chairman of the Board, lululemon

Dear Mr. Murphy,

As yoga teachers, we ask lululemon to commit to phase out coal and source 100 percent renewable energy across its supply chain.

lululemon is one of the largest, fastest growing and most profitable fitness apparel brands in the world.

lululemon’s marketing claims its clothes are ‘designed by yogis’ and offers connection to a global community of mindfulness practitioners, sporting leaders and health and wellness professionals.

Yet almost half of the energy powering lululemon factories comes from burning coal.

lululemon’s reliance on coal as a source of energy is extremely harmful to people and the environment, particularly in countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh, where its products are made. Fossil fuels like coal cause dangerous climate change and air pollution that is responsible for the deaths of millions of people around the world each year. Nearly one in five premature deaths globally are attributed to air pollution that’s caused by fossil fuels, according to a 2018 Harvard study.

lululemon’s current climate commitments fail to adequately address its pollution. In fact, its total GHG emissions are increasing due to the company’s rapid growth. In order for the company to meet the Paris agreement targets, lululemon has to take immediate action to phase out coal and other fossil fuels from its supply chain.

lululemon: Please commit to immediately phase out coal and source 100 percent renewable energy such as solar and wind for your factories and across your supply chain.


Tejal Patel, Tejal Yoga Studio

"How can we practice yoga authentically while ignoring the racism, elitism and ongoing climate harm by Lululemon? When our ongoing goal is to find inner peace and express collective harmony in relationship to all beings and the planet, then the request is clear. Ensure this company, and all others promoting yoga and yogic values, work towards integrity and accountability in business, for their consumers and to decrease adverse environmental impact."

Susanna Barkataki, Yoga Unity Activist, Ignite Institute

"As a yoga teacher and culture advocate, I am especially sensitive to the impacts of climate change and social impact on Asian countries where many of lululemon’s products are made. Yoga helped me understand and love myself as well as work to make the world a better place in alignment with yoga ethics. I trust alignment with yoga ethics will ensure Lululemon commits to create equitable and safe working conditions as well as quit coal and transition to renewable energy throughout its supply chain by 2030."

Seane Corn, Co-Founder of Off the Mat

"Inspired by a practice of yoga that elevates consciousness, awakens the soul, creates more balance in the world, and shifts the planet towards peace and justice, it is my privilege to invite lululemon to publicly commit to quit coal and transition to 100% renewable energy throughout its supply chain by 2030."